From: Raj Bapna, Udaipur (Raj)

If you are preparing for a tough exam, then this information is important for you ...

What if you can find a new way, without practicing methods or meditation for months or years, to study longer with better memory and concentration, so you remember more of what you study?

Now, a Mind Machine

Puts You in the Learning State in 7 Minutes and Wakes Up a Little of the Genius Inside You Just By Changing Your Brainwaves


Mind Machine Lab, Above Bapna Eye Hospital, 59 Sector 4, Udaipur (Raj) - 313002
Phone / SMS: 077377-14080 Time: Mon-Sat 9:30 to 1 and 2 to 5:30 except all public holidays.
If this phone is busy or switched off, please call again after 30 or 60 minutes or send email.


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