What You Get
(Mind Machine Package)

You get all hardware + CDs/DVDs + a pendrive pre-loaded with mind machine programs


You get everything described above which includes the hardware, CDs/DVDs, and a pen drive.

Just copy these mp3 files from the pen drive to PC and also to your mobile phone.

The mind machine is built to benefit you and your family and you for years and years after you get success in the exam. However, if it ever has any problem, you are supported by warranty.

You get:

#1. All Hardware

Includes the Mind Machine CPU, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Headphone, Cables, pencil cells, CDs/DVDs, and Pendrive

#2. All Programs


ALEM includes 2 programs:
- Accelerated Learning: to help you learn faster
- Exam Mastery: to help you take exams without stress or anxiety, to avoid silly mistakes, and get more success

2. Stress-Buster

It is a very detailed step-by-step program. It will help the person with most stress where nothing else works.

3. Vocabulary for CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT

It includes 2 books with the whole vocabulary on 29 CDs equivalent. And, 2 programs for subconscious programming to build powerful vocabulary.

4. Awake and Energize

This is amazing program that you use for just 3 to 5 minutes and it changes you to feel awake and energized to take on the challenges and do what needs to be done.

#3. Bonus: Meditations

You get these mediation programs: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Namokar, and Om7.

Namokar and Om7 additionally give benefits of all the religious beliefs we have in our mind since childhood.

Life-Long Benefits for You and Your Family

The mind machine is built to benefit you and your family for years and years.

Stress-Buster and meditations are for others in your family. Later in your life, these programs will also become useful for you.


If it ever has any problem, your investment is supported by warranty.

  • 1 Year Free Repair for CPU: Repair of CPU is free within 12 MONTHS of purchase.
  • After 1 Year Repair for CPU: It is at nominal charge including postage, currently Rs 480.
  • 1 Month Free Replacement of Program CD/DVDs/Pendrive, Headphone, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Stereo Cable/Lead: Free replacement for 1 month; then order new if required.

Is it for the Rich, the Poor, or the Middle Class?

The mind machine is used mainly by the middle class students for whom it is an important purchase because it helps them to prepare better and make the dreams come true.

While the mind machine is now cheap as compared to coaching or even a motorcycle, unfortunately, there are really poor students (without a cycle or even without a toilet), who cannot afford it.

By the way, the rich are not interested in it because they don't want to do the hard work needed to go to IIT, IAS, SSB, Medical or Bank jobs.

7-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Use it for 7 days, but don't be surprised when you notice the results on the first day itself

You will study with better memory and concentration, and remember more of what you learn. Guaranteed.

You'll be delighted as you'll begin to notice that you concentrate better with less distractions. you'll remember more of what you learn. Soon, perhaps your teachers and classmates will also comment on your new concentration and memory.

So, order the Mind Machine confidently and risk-free even if you are just curious.

Use it for 7 day and you will study better. Guaranteed. If not, simply post the complete package in original packing by Speed Post or good courier, and on receiving the parcel (it will take some days to reach us and that is ok), we will send you a prompt and courteous refund DD of 100% of purchase price by Speed Post or courier. Or, if you paid using "Buy Now" button, we refund 100% back to the same card or account.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?

Refund is not available outside India because of high postage charges and complex laws regarding foreign currencies.