Warranty and
How to Send for Repair


To ensure that you can continue to use and benefit from your investment in the mind machine for years, your purchase comes with the following warranty:


30-Day FREE Replacement on Stereo Cable, Headphone, Brain Booster Mind Glasses and CDs/DVDs/Pendrive

  • These items are non-repairable and cannot be repaired. The replacement is free during the first 30 days after which new items need to be purchased.

Repair of Mind Machine CPU

The fee is Rs 590 including postage, paid directly to the NTSE egnineer who does the repairing.

Validity of Warranty

Warranty void if the Mind Machine is partly or fully broken. Warranty is void if somebody else has tried to repair it.

Sending for Repair

IMPORTANT: Read User Guide again

Please read the User Guide (page 7) and follow the instructions to check for solving common problems. Click here to download the User Guide

  1. If there is no sound in the Headphone, the cause is that the Headphone is not fully inserted in the CPU or the stereo cable is not fully inserted in the CPU or the MP3 Player. Please remove both and re-insert. If it still does not work, try some other headphone. If the other headphone also does not work, that means the problem is not with the headphone.
  2. If there is NOISE in the Headphone, the cause is a mobile phone or router for Internet near the CPU. Please keep CPU away from them.
  3. If the BLUE indicator light on the CPU is off, there can be 2 reasons
    (1) The stereo cable from MP3 Player is not connected to the CPU properly. Remove the cable and re-connect it.
    (2) Pencil cells are not correctly inserted or have no power. Remove them and reinsert new ones.
  4. If there is no blinking light in the Mind Glasses, the cause is that the Mind Glasses is not fully inserted in the CPU or the stereo cable is not fully inserted in the CPU or the MP3 Player. Please remove both and re-insert.

If it still does not work, please have someone else do these steps again.

If it still does not work, please call /email us for suggestion.

And in the rare case it still does not work, send it for repair.

How to send it for repair
for fastest service

For fastest service, please follow these instructions:

  1. Nicely pack and send ONLY these 2 OR 3 things without anything else.
    1. Mind machine CPU
    2. Glasses (ONLY IF there is any problem with the glasses)
    3. Cables
    Please use a strong box /packing as in our original packing.
    IMPORTANT: Please do NOT send anything else. Please note Glasses and Cables are not repairable but if you are not getting light signal, then send them so we can be sure whether the problem is with CPU or Glasses or Cables.
    If you send anything else, you'll need to pay Rs 100 to Rs 200 extra for postage just to return those additional things.

  2. The repair are handled directly by the OEM, Monad Electrotech (run by an NTSE egnineer who does the repairing.)
    Do not send cash in the parcel.
  3. IMPORTANT (Where to Send for Repair) You must send the CPU to the following address and NOT to Mind Machine Lab. If you send to wrong address, we'll have to ask you to pay Rs 200 extra and there will be delay of a few days for us to send it from our office to the repair company address. Please send your parcel to:

    Monad Electrotech
    #50, Jindatta Suri Complex,
    Outside Surajpole,
    Udaipur (Raj) 313001
    phone: 0294-2425802 (only for status of repairs of mind machine).
  4. How much will courier / Speed Post charge you: The cost should be under rs 100 if you send by Speed Post. Courier service is likely to charge between Rs 100 to Rs 250.
    WARNING: Recently one customer from Hyderabad was charged over Rs 1,000 by a courier service. That was outright cheating.
    NOTE: If a courier service insists that you have to take insurance, go for insurance for Rs 590 or under Rs 1000 (so you save on the unnecessary insurance).
  5. Enclose a letter with detailed description of what is wrong, so it can be fixed. This is very important because it ensures fast repair and return to you.
  6. In the letter, please mention your name, address with PINCODE and PHONE number and EMAIL ID.
  7. Please send it by speed post or courier because you can track the delivery.
    You must choose good courier and ask them if they can guarantee the delivery date. Some courier services promise to deliver in 2-3 days but take up to 10 days.


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Bank Details for Paytm, UPI and NEFT:

Mind Machine Lab, 59 Sector 4 Hiran Magri, Udaipur (Raj) - 313002
Support Email: rajbapna@gmail.com

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